DISA TAG - Trace and Guidance

Finding the root cause of scrap can be extremely difficult, making it hard to reduce quality-related costs.

Per Larsen, Product portfolio & Innovation manager at DISA

The missing link

DISA TAG chain


Trace and Guidance: 100% traceability for scrap elimination

For the first time ever, foundries can gain full traceability with DISA’s ingenious new Trace and Guidance (TAG) concept. TAG adds a unique ID number to each casting to provide the missing link between individual castings quality and their process data like sand compressibility, shot pressure and pouring temperature. 

DISA TAG consist of 3 basic steps:

1. Marking

  • Marking unit with 3 dials is integrated in pattern plate for every cavity
  • The dials turn after every machine cycle
  • Every casting produced is marked with a unique code

2. Reading

  • Scrapped castings are sorted
  • The unique casting code is scanned
  • The specific cause of scrap is associated to the casting 

3. Analysing

  • Cause of scrap is linked back to the actual process data
  • Compare quality data with process data and find hidden quality related insights
  • DISA TAG also paves the way for advanced machine-learning-based root cause analysis

DISA TAG promises to be a game changer, helping to reduce quality costs to previously unseen levels.

Per Larsen, Product portfolio & Innovation manager at DISA

Main advantages

  • Improved casting quality
  • Real insight into the causes of scrap
  • The ability to avoid re-melting scrapped castings
  • Strong self-learning ability with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Reduced casting costs
Main advantages - DISA TAG