The power of green sand in the production of aluminium castings

Aluminium casting efficiently manufactured on using green sand process can be produced in any volume from high to low and in varying complexities from less demanding parts to safety-critical components.

Depending on the number of castings your foundry creates, DISA has the right equipment for you, ranging from lines producing 100 or less moulds per hour, to lines capable of producing at maximum DISAMATIC speeds.

The process can be different depending on the part you are creating:

  • Producing parts with less critical demands to the mechanical properties is done with classic gravity pouring; from the top of the mould. Pouring is typically done manually but can also be automated.
  • Producing safety critical parts with high demands to mechanical properties is produced using a bottom filling technology which gives the best conditions to reach the highest mechanical properties.

Production of moulds can be done with vertical parting line, as well as with horizontal parting line.

Advantages of using green sand for aluminium castings:

  • Efficient solutions are available for production rates from below 100 to 555 moulds per hour
  • Simple and proven core setting allows for efficient production of hollow parts at high speeds
  • Minimum work force is needed due to automated processes
  • Tool change is halting the production line less than two minutes  
  • Low cost pattern prices
  • Pattern costs can be optimised by selecting materials depending on the required pattern life
  • Pattern lifetime can be very high, steel patterns can produce several 100.000’s moulds
  • Even for high production volumes, normally only one set of pattern plates is needed
  • Long service life and only 1 set of production patterns results in low pattern maintenance
  • Lead times from CAD file to the first prototype and to start of series production are short
  • Changes to runners and feeders are easy, fast and cheap to make

It is not claimed that all aluminium castings in the world can be feasible produced in green sand, however many castings are already produced in green sand due to the above advantages.

Production of demanding aluminium parts, like safety critical parts

Many parts, not being safety critical parts, are already today produced in green sand. These parts are all poured from the top of the mould which can be automated or manual depending on your requirements.

Production of demanding aluminium parts, like safety critical parts

Some examples of demanding parts, together with obtained mechanical properties.

Part name: Control arm
Machine: 260 parts/hour on DISAMATIC

  Obtained  Demand 
Elongation(%) >3
Yield Strength (MPa)  245  >200 
Ultimate strength (MPa) 309  >250 
With T6 heat treatment

Part name: Brake caliper
Machine: 800 parts/hour on DISAMATIC

Elongation (%)  >3 
Yield strength (MPa)  233  >215 
Ultimate strength (MPa)  270  >260 
With T6 heat treatment 
To get the best conditions for reaching the highest mechanical properties a special bottom filling technique is used where the liquid aluminium is pumped into the mould through the lower section of the side of the mould. By doing so in combination with a proper design gating system, smooth laminar metal flow with a minimum of free surfaces can be obtained. This results in a minimum formation of oxides and hence gives the best conditions for obtaining high mechanical properties.

“With the low-pressure pouring process on the DISAMATIC line, we can produce high volumes of aluminium parts with complex geometry and good mechanical properties. Low casting porosity means it is not necessary to waterproof most components. This process has allowed us optimize the geometry of some existing component designs to save weight, and offers an economic solution”

Julio Juarez, Plant manager, Saint Jean Industries Valladolid

Selecting the right equipment for your production numbers

Equipment is available suitable for every production volume from less than 100 moulds per hour to several 100 moulds per hour. Vertical moulding lines are available as well as horizontal moulding lines.

Below is shown an overview including links to more information on the different lines.

 Moulding line  Mould size  Moulds/hour*  Parting line 
 DISAMATIC D1  500 x 400  205 & 315 Vertical  
 DISAMATIC C3  600 x 480 to 750 x 535   150 & 250 & 350  Vertical  
 DISAMATIC D3  600 x 480 to 750 x 570  365 & 425 & 555  Vertical  
 DISA 240DISA 250  600 x 750 to 600 x 850, 650 x 850  335 & 450,  335 & 450  Vertical  

MATCH 14/19,  MATCH 20/24 MATCH 24/28,
MATCH 28/32,  MATCH 32/32

483 x 356, 610 x 508, 610 x 711, 
711 x 813 ,  813 x 813

180, 180, 120,
100, 100

* Maximum moulding speed. The lines can in most case be operated feasible at much lower speeds.


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Getting started with production of aluminium parts in green sand

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